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Purpose of the 5 in 1 model

Businesses face multiple challenges. The biggest being diversity, preparing for uncertainties and meeting expectations. We have a powerful, unique service which combines the core elements of your business resulting in  redefining and transforming your business. This is a complete 360° approach which we believe we have pioneered with precision.


The Model Framework

This model consists of your core activities both long term and short term which impact your business. These include:

  • Detecting Financial Signals and Growth Patterns
  • Governance ( Long Term Deep Linkage Functions)
  • Strategy which translates into results
  • Accountability and Culture Drivers
  • Self Mastery - Inner Powerful Alignment
You will Lead with Excellence! 

Is this Program suitable for your Company?

If you answer yes to any of the questions below, this 5-1 program is a MUST for you.

Do you lack clarity at the top?

Do you have staff and cultural challenges?

Do you struggle growing profits, revenues and cash reserves?

Is executive and management time under utilised?

Do you have executive and management conflicts which adversely impact growth?

Do you lack accountability in your company?

Do you struggle with effective decision making?

Do you want your company to attract loan facilities and international investors with ease?

Do you lack having a clear business road map?

What is required and why!
Maximising Impact!!

This 5 in 1 model will be anchored to unleash a deeper level of excellence. It further aims at growing your profits and scaling up with focused solutions and growth strategies.

We will need information about your business which will include your purpose (or mission), vision and goals. Don't worry if you don't have these. We will ask a few powerful questions which will help us get a clearer picture of your business. We will also need some financial information to firmly focus on your financial goals and objectives.

Our financial background coupled with helping businesses like yours grow, will prepare you for the future with clarity.

Please note, all information will be treated with the strictest of confidence and used solely for the purpose of this program.

How are the sessions held?

Every two weeks, we will communicate via skype video or audio, zoom or phone. Each cutting edge session will be between 1 hour and 90 minutes of immersive brainstorming and incisive question as well as guidelines on navigating your business with the right impact drivers.

One session will cover your management reports which you will send and the second session will be working on long term linkage mechanisms, governance, strategy and detecting signals for maximum traction in your business.

That's not all. We will have one session which will purely answer all your questions and concerns that you have. This powerful combination of 3 monthly sessions will completely transform your business.

What are some of the benefits of the 5 in 1 Model?

Here is a list of benefits you will achieve from this model:

  • Ensuring expectations are met on a timely manner
  • Holding your team accountable
  • Shaping habits and culture
  • Evaluating management reports and detecting new trends.
  • New technology, transformational insights.
  • Breakthrough and innovative thinking
  • Deepening drive by linking 50,000 feet view to operations
  • Immersive scaling up and revenue growth strategies
  • Building confidence, competence and inner alignment.

                                                               AND MUCH MORE..

Even though we believe this model to be the best in class, if you have any specific requirements, please let us know and we can custom make our model to suit your needs.

What else do you get?

Sharpening your Intelligence.

You will have lifetime access to the following corporate training programs!

Business Excellence Blueprint Program 2019 

Progression to Excellence Program

Power of Integration & Governance Package

Finance for Directors and Executives 

These programs have a greenlight status from the UK Trade and Investment.

 Why Vijay Mistri?

Vijay has helped many entrepreneurs achieve growth upto 20 fold as a coach, consultant,    non - executive director and board adviser. He has authored and developed 7 world class programs which have a Green Light Status from the UK Trade and investments. Until recently, Vijay was a board member of the UK Policy Governance Association and is a Global Partner of the Xylem Group. Vijay has over 200 testimonials and has a youtube channel with over 100 training videos! Vijay has spoken in seminars and conferences and held workshops in different countries. He is the C.E.O and founder of Rentadirector.

Don't take our word for it, maximise impact by getting a free month trial! Trust is our core value and we walk the talk!


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