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Hi, Vijay Mistri here. CEO and founder of Rentadirector, author of multiple training programs which have a green light status award from the UK trade and investment and our purpose is to see leaders, entrepreneurs, business owners, directors, executives, and managers achieve standards of excellence in everything they do and scale up their businesses with ease. Now my dear friends, today I want to talk about board effectiveness. Now it doesn't matter whether you're a small, medium, or large organization in any sector, this is about stepping up the game, this is about taking you to another level altogether and I believe that there are certain common patterns of challenges many face. So, let's deep dive straight into this particular training. Now I just want to tell you in advance that after this training, there is a program which I’m going to talk to you about which we have on Achieving Boardroom Excellence. So, I’ll be sharing some insights on that...

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5 Leadership Qualities Leading to Excellence

As we keep facing disruptions and uncertainties, change remains a constant. To achieve leadership excellence, a shift in mindset and actions is vital. I have observed many companies fail due to a lack of sound leadership skills. On the other hand, I have seen companies that grow due to a few habits and discipline leaders demonstrate in their day to day activities.

The purpose of this article is to enable you to move to a higher platform that will impact effectiveness and growth.

Step Back: Leaders need to step back and observe what is happening. There was a retreat I facilitated for a mid-sized service company.  The retreat was for owners, executives, and the management team. Over a two-day period, each leader was given time to simply reflect, observe and share their perception. After the first day, the whole group was energized as new insights started emerging. This whole experience resulted in new approaches at the board and management level. While execution is vital to...

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Leadership Intelligence – The changing trends

Many leaders are making the shift in their focus, skills, and mindset that makes a bigger impact. If you are a leader, this article reveals some of the most profound changes that leaders must make. Multiple elements of sound leadership are changing.

No longer is it enough for leaders to simply be inspirational or ensuring that staff is treated well.  While these ingredients are essential, a heightened level of leadership intelligence is also needed to succeed in a world where disruption and new technological developments are changing the face of operations. The most worrying part is the recent failures of some well-known brands globally. In my opinion, they did not see the new trends and the rapid pace of change which disrupts entire workplaces.

I have listed 5 key changing trends that I feel leaders must take into consideration:

  1. Redefining the business model with digitization:

The biggest shift is digitization. It is worth noting that big data, machine learning, apps,...

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