How do I grow my business during these tough times?


Video Transcript:

Hi Vijay Mistri here.

So here is a question that I recently got
from an entrepreneur in Dubai.

And he asked me that the economy is getting
bad, Vijay, how can I grow my company during these tough times?

Now this is a common question which many organisations
globally have. Many businesses globally have.
And here are just some insights I want to
share with you. There are very many others but at present
I just want to share 3 key insights.

First and foremost, make sure that you have
the best-in-class team with you at all times.

Because here's the thing, If you have one
dragger or if you have one person who is dragging

the whole system in your business than you
need to weed that person out as I put it.

And why do you really need best-in-class team?

Is because your highest leverage, I believe
is your team.

That is where you will unleash maximum potential.

So, that is the first and foremost.

The second point which I would like to just
share with you is, re-evaluate what you are selling.

Customer behaviour is changing, client behaviour
is changing globally.

Everything is moving at a different pace altogether.

It mist just be productization or it might
just be the standards that you might have

to step up or the execution and the discipline
required to ensure there is speedy execution

at the end of the day.

And the third thing which I believe is important
is that consider having a business coach who

is going to hold you and your team accountable. Somebody
who is really going to stretch your thinking

and somebody who is going to help you to take
you to that next level altogether.

So my dear friends, I would love to hear from
you, your thoughts, your insights on what you

think are some of the key elements which can
help organisations grow during these tough times.

I look forward to seeing you in the next video.

Thank you very much, bye for now!


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