7 Qualities of a Highly Effective Board

There are certain traits that make a successful board stand apart from those boards that struggle. Especially during these challenging times with the pandemic, boards must ensure they are functioning with the highest standards of excellence.

Here are 7 qualities of a highly effective board which we have come across from coaching and consulting hundreds of directors from different sectors.

1) Same Page:

Successful and effective boards have complete clarity at the top. The collective intentions and interpretation of the purpose, vision, values, and strategy are clear and succinct. This is a key enabler to accelerate growth. Ensure that your board has a blueprint of these 4 core pillars which are hardwired in all directors.

2) Visibility top-down:

The best-in-class boards are fully aware of the business model. They know exactly what the various layers of value are being added and have transparency top down. This is an extremely critical element for the overall success and...

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