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The Sinking Boat - 5 Keys to Business Success

If you are in a lake on a boat which has a leak and is sinking, what would you do? To take this a step further, if you had another boat nearby coming to your rescue, what would you do? It is obvious that you will do whatever it takes to use any lifeline present.

We have been fortunate to speak to hundreds of entrepreneurs and executives over the last 4 weeks. Most of these business owners are adaptable, realigning strategy and taking the relevant action to have a sustainable business.

What amazes us most is a handful who do not see the need to change, yet their business has a big hole in their boat. In other words, they do not see the leak to be a problem in their business.

Here are 5 lessons to help you sustain your business:

  • Have your vision and purpose clearly articulated. In other words, have a governance structure in place. This is sadly missing in majority of firms.
  • Accountability - Some businesses are facing complete lack of accountability. There is role duplicity, blame...
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