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Avoiding Financial Failure from a Director’s Lens

Lights, camera and action. This would be the normal sequence when shooting for a scene. The same rules should apply to the corporate world when making decisions. The problem is the sequence has been missed and so often, company directors and executives tend to take action without lights or preparing the camera. Look at some recent company failures and it is no surprise that the financial mark was missed.

In all companies, finance is the key and without proper and adequate financial management, companies tend to fail. Many financial systems are available but the problem is that the top level executives simply don’t get it right often. They look into financials without having a good grip of what financials are all about.

This article is prepared with the intention of offering directors and executives how to detect value drivers and avoid smokescreens without micromanaging. It is planned with the intention to further offer suggestions on how to make savvy decisions and apply a...

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