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Through the looking glass: Key indicators that can alert your board of directors to potential executive smokescreens  

 The job of an employee is to perform the actions of his job responsibly, to achieve those goals provided to that employee by management, and to work as a part of an overall unit to maintain and usher growth for the company as a whole.  The job of the executive team within a company is to develop and implement the strategies that will carry the company into the future while protecting the infrastructure of the company and managing the integral parts of the company in an attempt to move the company towards its goals. 

These are pretty defined objectives for these two classes of stakeholders within a company; and it is in that definition that they are able to serve their purpose.  While it is important to have defined roles within the company, not all parties involved share this particular trait.  The board of directors of a company has a simple mandate as it relates to their duties “Protect the Interests of the Shareholders”; and while very...

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