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The ROI of Marketing: Numbers to Grow By

Generally when we are helping a company transition from one level of operations to a higher level, we find that the client is usually enamored with the idea of making major investments in marketing and sales.  The primary reason for this is that they spur business development and provide the most tried and true method to obtain new revenue.  

Depending on the business, there are many times when major investments in marketing are not only permissible but necessary to facilitate the growth necessary to justify larger investments in the company.  However we generally find that many clients are not well versed in how diverse a marketing portfolio should be.  Similar to stock or bonds the diversity of your marketing profile is vital to assuring that your marketing profile produces a significant ROI. 

As an executive or business owner; it must be understood that MARKETING IS AN INVESTMENT; and like all investments the evaluation of marketing is based on the...

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