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A labour of convenience and cost efficiency: Why independent contracting and outsourcing are here to stay and the dangers of ignoring its advantages

If you live in a developed nation you have no doubt been inundated about the dangers and domestically harmful repercussions of outsourcing labour. It has been said that it causes the loss of domestic jobs, it provides unfair cost advantages, it produces sub par products and services, and in short it may be the destruction of the current system of labour and business operations as we know it. 

I for one agree some of the above; outsourcing does have labour ramifications, it does cause the loss of domestic jobs, it does provide cost advantages (albeit I don’t agree that they are unfair), it might change the way products and services are created (although I don’t agree that outsourcing guarantees the production of inferior products), and it will cause an end to the current system of labour in many developed nations. 

My response to these inferences is while this is true, the advantages of both international and domestic outsourcing means that it is here to...

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