Business Excellence Blueprint

5 Building Blocks to Scaling up Your Business 

For Family Businesses and Private Companies

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In this course you will learn:

Week 1 - Connecting 50,000 Feet with Ease

  • How to leverage your time effectively
  • How to link long, mid and short term with ease
  • How to build a business road map with clarity
  • How to leverage and the winner’s mind set
  • How to grow using simple strategies
  • Deep diving into a practical experience

Week 2 - Identifying Performance Activators

  • How to identify core performance activators
  • How to maximize performance and efficiency
  • 'Watch out points' for your business
  • How to eliminate inefficiencies
  • How to overcome struggles and shift to a successful growth-driven company
  • How one struggling company transitioned to a highly successful company

Week 3 - Sales and Marketing Mastery

  • How to increase sales and have a strong company position
  • How to raise sell effectively
  • How to convert more customers and clients
  • How to maximize return on your marketing budget
  • Sales drivers - what works now
  • What works currently and what you must do

How to Sell Online

  • How to sell online effectively
  • Maximize online sales using 2 platforms
  • What works currently and what you must do

Week 4 - Financial Mastery

  • How to read your financial & management reports with ease
  • How to pick direct and indirect financial signals effectively
  • Risk levels and watch out triggers
  • Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, and your Cash Flow - in depth
  • Biggest Mistakes Executives make and what you must avoid
  • Walking through a financial experience 

Week 5 - Leadership Excellence

  • The critical turning point
  • Key leadership value triggers
  • How to transform your business for good
  • The mindset needed for a winning model
  • How to handle difficult scenarios with ease
  • How to have a highly motivated team
  • Digitization - Taking your business to the next level
  • 5 Powerful Stories leading to Self Mastery



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Key benefits from this course

  • Achieve Excellence in Business and Self Mastery
  • Make Highly Effective Decisions
  • More Earnings and Strong Cash Flows
  • Eliminate Waste and Inefficiencies
  • Have a sound culture



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This is your opportunity to become highly successful with a clear business and personal road map.

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