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Entrepreneurs and executives in family owned businesses and private companies will find this program invaluable.

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Sound controls are critical to a smooth flow of activities avoiding 'leakages'. Many companies globally face fraud, both direct and indirect. Many times, the most surprising factor is fraud is executed undetected costing companies hundreds and millions in lost profits and cash. This program goes deep into all aspects pertaining to fraud and how you can prevent it once and for all!!

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Did you know, besides fraud, there exists indirect fraud which erodes company profits and cash.

These programs have been awarded a Greenlight Status from UK Trade and Investments.

This is an online video based deep immersion training equivalent to a 2 day immersion workshop.

Here is a complete breakdown of what you get!!

Week 1 - Business Fraud Activities

Week 2 - Draggers & Involvement


Week 3 - Fraud lights & Identifying fraud


Week 4 - Fraud Prevention Techniques


Week 5 - Weaknesses - What Next & Advanced Fraud Techniques

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