Business Transformation Coaching 


To see your Company well-positioned, having best in class strategies and mechanisms resulting in exponential growth, earnings and profits, sustainable business model, and having a world-class competent team of top-level executives and managers.

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If you answer yes to any of the questions below, this program is a MUST for you.

  • Do you lack clarity at the top?
  • Do you have staff and cultural challenges?
  • Do you struggle growing profits, revenues and cash reserves?
  • Is executive and management time under utilised?
  • Do you have executive and management conflicts which adversely impact growth?
  • Do you lack accountability in your company?
  • Do you struggle with effective decision making?
  • Do you want your company to attract loan facilities and international investors with ease?
  • Do you lack having a clear business road map?


Companies have struggled, stagnated and many have completely failed. There are multiple pain points companies face. If your company has any of the following adverse symptoms, you will find this coaching highly effective.

  • Lacking clarity and accountability top down
  • Cash flow constraints, the pressure to earn profits and revenues
  • Unmet expectations
  • Under-performing team and lacking timely execution
  • Overwhelmed with new challenges
  • Business as Usual Syndrome
  • Difficulties handling uncertainties
  • Stress and low self-esteem
  • Poor time management
  • Lacking sound controls
  • Lacking team contribution
  • Limitations in your company growth

For these reasons, we offer company coaching uniquely designed to suit your company. Your company will shift to a new reality!

7 Game-Changing Sessions

Laser-focused sessions with specific results and outcomes tailored to suit your business.

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The new reality forces businesses to keep stepping up their game. Let us help you take your business to an entirely new level.

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Key benefits from this coaching

Here are some of the expected results from these sessions:

  • Powerful business road map
  • Clarity, confidence, and competence top down
  • Sound governance and succession planning strategies (applies to all companies)
  • Maximizing time at all levels
  • Accelerated non-linear growth
  • Speedy execution and discipline
  • Meaningful strategy linkage
  • High confidence, competence, and collective mind-set
  • Overcoming challenges using root cause analysis
  • Higher revenues, profits, and cash flows
  • Optimizing sales and marketing initiatives
  • Company excellence and international standards
  • Easily attracting loan facilities and investors
  • Lead with excellence mind-set


Achieve Excellence and Leadership

If you want to scale up with non-linear growth opportunities, this is your chance to add the traction which your business deserves.
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