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Exclusively applicable to For Profit Companies
Entrepreneurs, Directors, Executives, Managers, Business Coaches and Consultants Any Sector, Globally.

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An Online 5 Week Program

Finance impacts each and every decision made in any company. This animated financial training program gives you all the tools and techniques required to have a very high standard of financial intelligence. Comes with an online manual and workbook.
These program has been awarded Greenlight Status from UK Trade and Investments.
Deep Dive into sharpening your financial competence and experience the impact.

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Week 1 - Financial Oversight

Week 2 - Financial Statement Analysis

Week 3 - Financial Indicators & Management

Week 4 - Operational Efficiencies & Effectiveness

Week 5 - Budgets & Executive Financial Insights

Week 5 - Budgets & Executive Financial Insights - contd..

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