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Purpose of these cutting edge workshops/retreats

The biggest challenge leaders, entrepreneurs and executives have is leveraging their time. The purpose of this workshop/retreat is to see you achieve world class competencies and skills which will lead to exponential and sustainable growth for your business.

It will further enable you to see a fresh business and growth perspective which is leveraged. Think time, breakout sessions which are laser focused unleashes the maximum potential for you and your team.

The 5 Workshops and Retreats

Experience a new reality for your business!

These 5 powerful Workshops will give you the intelligence edge leading to next level world class. 

  • Full Circle workshop/retreat: Excellence in Leadership, Governance and Strategy.
  • Finance for Directors and Executives - Going beyond numbers.
  • Sales and Marketing Mastery - The Multiplier Strategy.
  • Power of Integration - Crafting Powerful Live Policies (Blueprints) and Core Accountability
  • Progression to Excellence - Become a World Class Entrepreneur, Director, Executive and Manager.

Are these workshops/ retreats suitable for your company?

If you answer yes to any of the questions below, these workshops can be business changing.

Do you want to evolve, innovate and scale up with ease?

Do you want to sharpen your skill sets?

Do you want breakthroughs and forward looking turning points?

Do you want to position your brand and attract funding?

Do you want to have international standards and leadership excellence?

Do you have staffing and culture challenges?

Do you want executives to maximise their time?

Do you want to make impact driven decisions?

The reason businesses struggle and fail is lack of training, skilled talent and immersive brainstorming. 

Why us?
Maximising Impact!!

We have conducted many workshops, seminars retreats which have got excellent testimonials. We have a youtube channel with over 100 corporate training videos because we walk the talk. We have 7 world class corporate training programs which have a greenlight status award from the UK Trade and Investment. Our C.E.O. is a Policy Governance Consultant (Only about 300 worldwide).

MOST IMPORTANTLY - All our workshops and retreats come with a full money back guarantee as we are highly confident of the results you will achieve.

Please note, all information will be treated with the strictest of confidence and used solely for the purpose of this program.

How do I book a workshop/retreat?

Please fill in a short form (click below) in order for us to get a bit of insights about your come and arrange an initial free virtual session to understand exactly what your needs are. We will draw out an outline ( in 48 hours) and start preparing for a powerful workshop/retreat exclusively for your business.

Duration of Workshop/ Retreat and what you get.

Depending on your needs and requirements, these workshops and/or retreats are typically 1 or 2 days. We can conduct these anywhere globally and are normally held towards the end of a 12 month period of a company.

We will provide tools and strategies specifically for your business. You will also get bullet points and action plans which are value driven.


Workshop/ Retreat Benefits:

Here is a list of benefits you will achieve from these workshops:

  • Clear Business Road Map and Navigational Path
  • Alignment of expectations and clarity top down
  • Scalability, Personal Progression and Higher Profits
  • Forward looking turning points with clarity
  • International standards and world class culture and team
  • Confident, Competent and Energetic action oriented team
  • New technology, transformational insights.

                                                               AND MUCH MORE..

If you do have specific requirements, we can further tailor make the workshops to suit your needs further.

What else do you get?

Sharpening your Intelligence.

We want you to be world class. You will have lifetime access to the following corporate training programs!

Business Excellence Blueprint Program 

Progression to Excellence Program

Power of Integration & Governance Package

Finance for Directors and Executives 

These programs have a greenlight status from the UK Trade and Investment.

 For questions please email: [email protected]


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