360° Value Creation Model

Your World Class Director, Corporate and Personal Coach 24/7.

You must have clear distinctions between Board and Management functions.

We are facing unprecedented times with uncertainty, new entrants, disruption lower profits and cash flows, low staff morale as well as unmet expectations. Businesses can no longer operate as they used to. Companies struggle and many fail. The game is changing and fast. 

We now have the solution! Rentadirector's Elite Membership is for those who wish to become world class. From upscaling your business, increasing productivity to personal excellence, your packaged solution has a singular focus - your growth. You will cut your training costs and have the sharpest cutting-edge learning insights for your board members and executives as well as management. This membership is not only providing cutting edge training, but giving tools and strategies to grow your business. 

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What makes us different?

We have the complete 7 in 1 Growth driven package for your organisation.

The 7 in 1 Organisational and Personal Excellence Package:

  • Board and Executive Effectiveness
  • Management Excellence
  • Personal Excellence
  • Core Accountability 
  • 24/7 World class director
  • Corporate Coach.
  • Personal Excellence Coach and Mentor

The Biggest Problem with existing training is not measuring the change in results.

We go a step further. Every Month, you will get leading edge:

> Training video exclusively to support Enterpreneurs, Directors and Executives. 

> Training Video exclusively for Managers and supervisors -

Coaching for ALL staff on personal excellence - This is aimed at increasing energy levels, eliminate complacency and silo mentality but most important, feel important and recognised. 

Accountability - Probably priceless in value. Taking this a step further, we will hold your team accountable. There will be commitment charts which MUST be met. 

This elite membership is advanced and powerful focusing on your core growth triggers. Our mindset will be at ownership level (you still get to keep all the gains)

Board & Executive Excellence

Have clear Expectations, Accountability, Core value drivers and elevated immersive and actionable steps.

Management Excellence

Increase Revenues and Profits, optimise productivity, strong systems and staff who are competent and disciplined in execution.

Personal Excellence

Power is from within. Build confidence, be an influential communicator, have a strong identity and have self mastery.

Our Aim is to see you as a World Class leader

Get a director/corporate and Personal Excellence coach PLUS World Class training for Owners, Directors and Executives PLUS management training for only $397 Monthly