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Rentadirector is a registered company in the UK. We have developed programs suitable for any organisation globally. These programs have received green light status from the UK Trade and Investment. We have conducted workshops globally on leadership, financial mastery as well as consulted and coached Companies in various sectors. All our workshops come with a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!

We have helped many organisations align and upscale their operations and have over two decades of experience which includes increasing revenues and growth 20 fold in 9 years for one firm.

We have over 200 testimonials and have developed what we believe to be the first elite membership for companies which covers Board, Management and Personal Excellence. Our programs, workshops, coaching, consulting and membership portal exhibit the reality of being flexible at all levels yet have the latest know how and skills to drive growth in all areas.

Vijay Mistri, who is the CEO, has extensive experience in identifying forward looking signals for many organisations which have proven to be a key catalyst to growth for many organisations. He has helped many executives exceed expected goals and milestones. Vijay is a Policy Governance ® Consultant as well as FCCA, FCMA, CGMA and MBA(Fin).

Our core intention is to see world class leaders achieving standards of excellence in everything they do and constantly research and help organisations innovate.

Don’t take our word for it, Experience the 360° value creation model which we believe is a game changer.

If you wish to discuss any areas of concern you may have, please email us: [email protected]



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