What is unique and different about this membership?

The key shift is in having a complete package of quality impactful insights covering board level, management, and personal excellence. These 3 core components form the spine of running an effective organisation. This membership is as good as having a world class director, advisor, coach, and consultant at a highly affordable price. The linkage and the touch points at every level make this a unique combination which is simple yet powerful. PLUS: you get an Accountability and question and action session ensuring that your team members instil the right mechanisms to grow your organisation. Unlike other service providers, you have the flexibility to cancel anytime.

If this is affordable, how do you maintain quality?

Firstly, the reason we kept it affordable is that we have an affinity with the developing world and would like to help struggling organisations. It is not about the membership fee, but our passion to deliver the unimaginable - covering multiple disciplines within your organisation. We never compromise on quality. Companies don’t want to take big risks and some may be struggling. We want all companies on this membership to thrive. Finally, being a membership site, we can scale it further (though we do have a cap to the numbers due to the immersion sessions).

Who exactly can use this?

Any private, family owned business, sole proprietor, or Partnership. Any Company with 5 employees and over would find this exceptionally useful. The key focus is on discipline, execution, and leverage to accelerate growth. However, business coaches and professional consultants can get the deepest and latest insights as well.

Why not simply hire a management consultant?

Good Management Consultants can be useful value drivers to any company. However, this membership is more than a membership. The mindset we have is to hold your team accountable, enabling your team to optimise output. Secondly, not only do you get world class training and new deep insights, you also get your questions answered. This will help you gain fresh valuable insights. Also, the cost of this membership is extremely affordable and there are no long-term contracts which makes this a no brainer. The Biggest benefit besides the live interactive sessions is the personal development growth drivers. Management consultants would focus on one issue or concern, we have all aspects of your organisation’s growth covered with minimum risk.

What will I get on a monthly basis if I join?

As soon as you join, you will have immediate access to some of the best corporate modules and tools. Each week, a new video will be released for the first three weeks of the month. Each video will focus on 3 core areas. Board excellence, Operational excellence, and finally personal excellence. The fourth week is all about accountability. Each video will be about one hour. These 4 hours will shake the foundations of your organisation.

How do I join?

Simply click here and join as a member. You will get immediate access which your company team members can make full use of. Membership is ONLY $397 per month – which includes all our programs ( each sold at $1497) plus much more.


I am a business consultant. Would it be beneficial for me to join this membership?


Great Question and the answer is absolutely yes! As a business consultant (or a professional consultant), you are in constant search for systems, guidelines, insights which will help your client grow. This membership is filled with various levels of value driven videos and eBooks which can easily add value to your client's business. 


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