How do you help companies grow?

We have a selection of online training programs which aim to sharpen competence at all levels and have end to end solutions all resulting in business growth within a short period of time. Here is a link to our full set of programs: https://www.rentadirector.com/store

We also have a selection of interactive coaching programs which include one-on-one coaching and group business coaching. These are designed to  shape behaviour, instil discipline holding top management accountable. Further, they are focused towards overcoming a company’s challenges. You can learn more here:



What makes these different from your competitors?

Firstly, all our online training programs have a green light status award from the UK Trade and Investment. This means our programs have credence and have a high standards.

All our online programs have a money back guarantee as we believe in being transparent and building trust with our clients. We are also confident that our programs will deliver very high value and return on your investment.

Further, our coaching programs are immersive sessions which have a track record of achieving strong positive outcomes. These relate to increasing revenues, bottom line profits, having a world class team and overcoming weaknesses using powerful incisive questions and immersive sessions.

What else do you offer besides coaching and online training programs?

We offer tailor made workshops, conduct seminars and speak in conferences. We also facilitate retreats businesses If you have a specific requirement do let us know and we will accommodate accordingly.

Why should I invest in an online program?

Research indicates that an estimated 90% of what we learn from workshops is forgotten within 24 hours. Our online programs offers lifetime access. Repetition leads to mastery resulting in raising standards and sharpening competencies.

What else can you share which will build further interest?

Our focus is entirely on entrepreneurs, family businesses and private companies. A unique approach we have is to include governance aspects in all our programs, coaching services as well as workshops. This distinction alone will give you clarity and capitalise on opportunities way before your competitors.

This is an element which not many similar service providers offer making it completely unique.


I am a business consultant. Would I benefit from these programs?


Great Question and the answer is absolutely yes! As a business coach or consultant, you are in constant search for systems, guidelines, insights which will help your client grow. We have an executive suite specifically for business coaches and consultants. What we urge you to do is to sign up for our free webinar which will help you in your coaching journey as well as share with you the benefits of our package. Here is the link: https://www.rentadirector.com/pl/97840



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