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Our flagship theme, progression to excellence has made a powerful impact to participants globally. If you would like to see your conferences and seminars drive exponential growth, you must reach out to us at [email protected] 

Our Speaker, Vijay Mistri has spoken in conferences and seminars covering the following powerful themes:

Progression to Excellence - Become a world class entrepreneur, director, executive & manager

Business Fraud - Knowing the unknown

The Governance Edge - The new board expectations

Lead with Excellence - The new face of a successful leader

Finance for Directors and Executives - Going beyond numbers

Self Mastery - How to drive effectiveness and inner alignment

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Why Vijay Mistri
Maximising Impact!!

Vijay  conducts many workshops, seminars and retreats as well as being a speaker in conferences which have excellent testimonials -visit to view some of these. His youtube channel which has over 100 videos has been watched in over 26 countires globally. Vijay has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs, leaders, executives become highly effective and scale up their businesses with much ease. He has authored 7 world class corporate training programs which have a greenlight status award from the UK Trade and Investment. Vijay is a Policy Governance Consultant (Only about 300 worldwide).

Let us connect!

Get in touch at [email protected]. Please include your contact details and we aim to get in touch with you withing 48 hours.

As an international professional Speaker and Thought Leader, Vijay will make a powerful impact locally and internationally taking your brand to the next level. 

Vijay aims to add 10x value for every minute he speaks making a profound impact.

 For questions please email: [email protected]



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