Progression To Excellence

Become a world-class Director, Executive, Leader and Manager. A modular Leadership training Program for organisations globally. 

Equivalent to a 3-day immersion workshop for leaders.


  • Drive Growth and Revenues
  • Have a clear road map for your company
  • Increase clarity in all areas of your company
  • Sharpen your executive competence
  • Increase Profits and Revenues
  • Make highly effective decisions
  • Strengthen your company value pipeline

This Leadership Training Program covers the following:


Here is an overview of key insights covering - Memorandum and Articles of Association, Laws, Regulations and Bye Laws, Owners and Shareholders, Executive Director, Quorum, Independent Director, Non Executive Director, Speaking with one voice, Profit and Non Profit Organisations.


Purpose: This covers the 4 I's. Importance, Involvement, Initiation, Instrumental. These are powerful concepts highlighting the true existence of your organisation.

Core Values: In this video you will discover the 4 questions which make an impact to corporate values, the 4 know-hows and the 4 Core Values.

Vision: Here you will be able to see how to make your corporate vision even more powerful. We cover - Determination, Deeper Discussion and Drive. Each area covers how to develop a vision and what you need to do in order to translate your vision into results.

27 Drivers to World Class Directors and Executives: This section of leadership training reflects the core drivers resulting in achieving standards of excellence. In order to become a highly effective leader, these drivers will be the turning point for your growth.


Succession Planning: This leadership training session covers -  The importance of Succession Planning, The 3 key questions you MUST ask to ensure you have a clear road map, 18 points you need to consider to have a competent successor. 

Contingency Planning: In this session we cover what you need to do in order to be more resilient during an unexpected challenge or event. We cover 10 key points which you MUST apply at all times.

Eliminating Silos: One of the big challenges that many organisations have is 'silo thinking' and lack of relevant interaction in order to maximise resources. We cover the 3 power questions which you must consider and the 7 steps you need to take in order to eliminate these silos.

Module 3 -  4 CORE PILLARS

Probably the most powerful module forming the hub of this leadership training program. We cover how to master the 4 core areas in order to be more effective and have a profound impact in your industry. 

Financial Mastery: No leadership training program is complete with financial intelligence at executive level. In this session we cover board and executive level financial drivers. We begin with analysing Profit and Loss, Balance sheet, Cash Flow statements, Ratios, How to build efficiencies using the financial lens, financial signals to watch out and 10 questions on cost reduction and efficiency.

Strategy: Here we cover 18 questions that MUST be considered when crafting strategy. These questions are also useful to those who already have a strategy. We also cover 14 Points to having a fully charged strategy and 5 watch out signals.

Risk: A core component to any business is to ensure that risk is managed efficiently. In this session we cover, An introduction to Risk, what are the different types of Risks (we cover 14 different types of risks which you must be aware of). How to drive forward during uncertain conditions, the 4 key questions you must consider and 5 watch out points pertaining to Risk.

Best Practice: We cover alignment which will ensure  that your organisation steps into a stronger platform for growth.


Balance Scorecard: Here we exhibit a dashboard that you need to have in order to translate your vision into results. It covers all aspects of Financial Measure, Operational Effectiveness, Customer and market as well as learning and innovation. We also cover the 4 key points you must note when developing a balanced scorecard.

Making Meetings Meaningful: Meetings MUST be productive. In this important session we cover:

- What you need to do and how to plan with an intention to maximise productivity

- The structure and dynamics of a meeting

- The relevant reports and the follow through.

All these aspects are designed to maximise resource utility in your organisation.

The Futuristic Thinker: The uniqueness of this leadership training program is having a cutting edge insight on how to pick up trends and correlate with your business. This is considered an extremely powerful and important value element for businesses giving them an edge over their competitors.


Executive Excellence:

A) Remuneration Package: This important session has 12 guidelines for you to consider on remuneration packages.

B) Growth DriversThese key insights will give you more certainty and growth prospects for you and your organisation.

C) Unwanted Director: We sometimes have directors whom we do not want on our board irrespective of the size of your organisation. This session covers the steps you need to take under challenging conditions. 

Executive Housekeeping: As part of this leadership training program, we believe personal development forms the nexus of organisational growth. This is all about Personal Excellence and the habits which will elevate personal character. The key points on what you need to do to be more successful. These have to be applied on a consistency basis and aims at positioning YOU as a powerful individual with all the right traits and qualities.

Ethics and Challenges: Ethics pays a pivotal role in many individual's personal and professional lives. This session shares some challenging scenarios and what you need to do. What is Moral and Legal and how to ensure you live your values to the fullest.

Corporate Social Responsibility: This session covers the key aspects of Corporate Social model and offers a change in mind set, resulting in an overall positive impact.


Board Composition: Having noted that some boards add value but do not have all the skills needed, we discuss all different personnel who can make a bigger difference. This does not mean you need to hire all if you are a small organisation. We show you exactly what you need to do in order to achieve the desired results.

Oversights and Controls: Here we deep dive into management to ensure that asset protection is maximised. All core areas of Internal Control are covered in detail giving appropriate experiences on some of the points addressed.

Cyber Crime: A BIG part of concern for any organisation is the dreaded cyber crime. In this video we share some powerful revelations and what you need to do. These are SO important to your organisation, it can help from being in a vulnerable position to having a strong system as regards cyber safety in your organisation. 

SUMMARY: We walk through the sessions and share some final thoughts on how you can carry on with the journey of success with us. 

This Leadership training program is a comprehensive package for any executive who wishes to elevate skills and accelerate growth.


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