Finance for Directors and Executives

A powerful 7 module Finance Training for Directors Program which covers financial statements in depth.

Take home benefits after using this Finance Training for Directors Program: 

- Ability to maximise profitability and cash flows

- Be more prepared during challenging times

- Have the financial competence to contribute in making highly effective decisions

- Strengthen the company’s overall financial position

- Ability to ask the right executive questions

Aimed at sharpening financial competence, this Finance Training for Directors video program comes with a full colour manual and workbook and covers:

Financial Oversight

- 7 keys to being on the right path
- Smokescreens and Micromanaging
- Financial Radar
- 4 Pillars to effective Financial Management
- Executive communication links
- Balance Scorecard
- Core Documents for executive review
- 9 Board concerns on reports and not enough assumptions

Financial Statements - The journey begins

- Financial Statement analysis
- Paragliding the financial waters (A practical example)
- Profit and Loss - making sense of bottom line
- Diving into the deep end of the Profit and Loss account
- 6 Flaws in write-offs and remedies
- Balance Sheet - looking beyond the horizon
- Cash and Cash Equivalents
- 9 reasons for cash shortfalls
- Trade and other receivables
- Inventories and reason for high inventory
- Cash-flows - swings and roundabouts

This section of Finance Training for Directors is critical to sharpening core skills.

Ratio Analysis - What Keeps the Organisational Doctor Away

- The 6 Board Questions
- Profitability Ratios
- Liquidity Ratios
- Capital Structure (Leverage) Ratios
- Operating Efficiency Ratios

Key Financial Reporting - Words of Wisdom

- Advantages of 1 to 4 page documents
- Relevant thoughts for overall success
- 16 Financial questions leading to Financial success for Directors and Executives

Capital Distribution

- Key Operating Units
- Strategic Asset Allocation
- Tactical Asset Allocation
- Radical Product Development

Capital Management

- Capital Management and Levels of Reserves
- Effectively Managing Capital and Reserve (Practical Examples)

Six Sigma

This entails an outline of Six Sigma mechanisms.

Profit Strategies: A Bigger Bang for your Bottom Line

No finance training for directors is complete without profit strategies. This session covers:
- Philosophy and Corporate Culture (Maintaining Broken Steps) 
- 7 fundamentals to improve morale while cutting costs
- Cutting Operational Costs (Diving Deeper)
- Efficiently Managing Activities
- Measuring
- Gauging and Bench-marking
- Automating Processes (Bring in the efficiencies!) 
- Cutting Costs - The real deal
- 9 board questions
- 9 action points for Boards and Executives
- Staff and Training - 6 top priority cuts 
- Staying in the good books - popular ways to cut HR expenses
- Revenue Generation - adding to the bottom line
- Tax Efficiency - Keeping the Tax Man away
- 7 fundamental flaws and solutions relating to Tax efficiency

Sources of Finance

Insights on internal and external sources of finance.


- 7 Shortcomings in respect of Budgets
- The Cash Budget
- Planning with a Purpose Policy ( seeing beyond the horizon)
- The Master Budget
- A quick overview of other types of Budgets
- Budget Specimen from Run time Corporation

Bonus Executive Finance Insights

- Future cash-flows and money value
- Break-even Analysis



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