Finance Training For Directors and Executives

A powerful 7 module Finance Training for Directors Program which covers financial statements in depth.

Take home benefits after using this Finance Training for Directors  Program: 
Ø  Ability to maximise profitability and cash flows

Ø  Be more prepared during challenging times

Ø  Have the financial competence to contribute in making highly effective decisions

Ø  Strengthen the company’s overall financial position

Ø  Ability to ask the right executive questions

Aimed at sharpening financial competence, this Finance Training for Directors video program comes with a full colour manual and workbook and covers-

Financial Oversight

7 keys to being on the right path, smokescreens and micromanaging, Financial Radar, 4 Pillars to effective Financial Management, Executive communication links, Balance Scorecard, Core Documents for executive review, 9 Board concerns on reports and not enough assumptions.

Financial Statements - The journey begins

Financial Statement analysis, paragliding the financial waters (A practical example), Profit and Loss - making sense of bottom line, diving into the deep end of the profit and loss account, 6 flaws in write-offs and remedies, balance sheet - looking beyond the horizon, Cash and Cash Equivalents, 9 reasons for cash shortfalls, Trade and other receivables, Inventories and reason for high inventory, cash flows - swings and roundabouts. This section of Finance Training for Directors is critical to sharpening core skills.

Ratio Analysis - What Keeps the Organisational Doctor Away

The 6 Board Questions, Profitability Ratios, Liquidity Ratios, Capital Structure (Leverage) Ratios, Operating Efficiency Ratios, Summary.

Key Financial Reporting - Words of Wisdom

Advantages of 1 to 4 page documents, relevant thoughts for overall success, 16 financial questions leading to financial success for directors and executives.

  • Capital Distribution

Key Operating Units, Strategic Asset Allocation, Tactical Asset Allocation, Radical Product Development.

Capital Management

Capital Management and Levels of Reserves, Effectively Managing Capital and Reserve ( Practical Examples).

Six Sigma

Six Sigma Process

Profit Strategies: A Bigger Bang for your Bottom Line

No finance training for directors is complete without profit strategies. This session covers - Philosophy and Corporate Culture (Maintaining Broken Steps), 7 fundamentals to improve morale while cutting costs, Cutting Operational Costs (Diving Deeper), Efficiently Managing Activities, Measuring, Gauging and Benchmarking, Automating Processes (Bring in the efficiencies!), Cutting Costs - The real deal, 9 board questions, 9 action points for boards and executives, Staff and Training - 6 Top Priority Cuts, staying in the good books - Popular Ways to Cut HR Expenses, Revenue Generation - adding to the bottom line, Tax Efficiency - Keeping the Tax Man away, 7 fundamental flaws and solutions relating to Tax Efficiency.

Sources of Finance

Sources of Internal Finance, Sources of External Finance


7 Shortcomings in respect of Budgets, The Cash Budget, Planning with a Purpose Policy ( seeing beyond the horizon), The Master Budget, A quick overview of other types of Budgets, Budget Specimen from Runtime Corporation - summary.

Other Executive Finance stuff

Future cash flows and Money Value, Breakeven Analysis.

Final Thoughts, Wrap up and Summing up  

Finance training for directors and executives is a vital component for the growth of any organisation. Our aim is for you to achieve a higher level of financial competence. All decisions made has an impact to the growth and progression of organisations. If you want your directors to have the executive financial skills to make effective decisions, this training program may just be the right fit for you. This Finance training program is about picking the right signals to forge forward.



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