Business Excellence Blueprint

Business Excellence Blueprint is a  World Class Online Program for Entrepreneurs, Family Owners, Business Coaches and Consultants. Directors, Executives and Professionals will find this program exceptionally valuable.

This Program applies to those aspiring to start their own entrepreneurial business, start ups, small, medium as well as large companies in any industry in any sector globally.

Business Excellence is a 5 week modular online program which covers core aspects of raising overall standards, increasing revenues, profits and cash flows, scaling up,having the current relevant skill sets, eliminating waste and inefficiencies and much more.

Why is this program unique and different?

Not only does it cover all the key elements to exceptional growth and having best in class skills, it is extremely easy to use and has step by step guides all throughout the program.

This program, which has powerful videos, has deep immersive workbook, over 150 Power questions which can be used now and in the future and multiple tools for you to easily understand and implement.

Our Programs have a Green Light Status from the UK Trade and Investment.

Further, this ALL 3 elements which include, career, business and self mastery making it an extremely valuable investment for any entrepreneur who wishes to scale up exponentially with all the relevant tools and strategies.

Here is a breakdown of what is included in the program:


How to leverage your time effectively

How to link long, mid and short term with ease

How to build a business road map with clarity

How to leverage and the winner’s mind set

How to grow using simple strategies

The complete End to End experience – Deep diving into a practical experience 


How to identify core performance and productive activators for your business

How one struggling company transitioned to a highly successful company

Don't do these!! Watch out points for your business

How to maximise performance and efficiency

How to eliminate inefficiencies

How to overcome struggles and shift to a successful growth driven company 

Week#3 – Sales and Marketing Mastery 

How to increase sales and have a strong company position

How to raise sell effectively

How to convert more customers and clients

How to maximise return on your marketing budget

Sales drivers -what works now

Checklist on Do’s and Don’ts

The Car Sales Experience which grew exponentially!

Online Sales: 

How to sell online effectively

Using 2 platforms to maximise online sales

What works currently and what you must do 

Week# 4 - Financial Mastery 

How to read your financial and management reports with ease

How to pick direct and indirect financial signals effectively

Risk levels and watch out triggers

Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet and your Cash Flow - in depth

The Biggest Mistakes Executives Make and what you must avoid

Walking through a financial experience 

Week# 5 – Leadership Excellence 

The critical turning point

Key leadership value triggers

How to transform your business for good.

The Mind set needed for a winning model

How to handle difficult scenarios with ease

How to have a highly motivated team 


The new world of digitisation that will transform your business 

Extra Bonus 

5 Powerful life changing stories leading to self mastery


Progression to Excellence - How to become a world class entrepreneur, director, executive, manager and professional. 6 week Program worth $997 

Ultimate Governance Mastery - Video on the Power of Integration aimed at you having a governance frame and structure PLUS includes 3 Manuals, 3 Governance Workbooks, 3 Governance Grids and Power Points (Covers Small, Medium, Large and Non Profits separately but you get ALL) PLUS Building Boardroom Excellence and Leadership Workbook. Worth $497


If for any reason you do not find this program to add a minimum to 10 times value in 14 days, just let us know and we will issue a full refund! No questions asked.

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