Business Fraud Knowing the unknown

Knowing the Unknown - Detecting and Preventing Business Fraud.

Equivalent to a 2 day executive workshop

Who can use this Program?

Directors, Executives, Managers, Supervisors, Forensic Professionals, Consultants from all sectors including Non Profit Organisations.

This program is a step by step guide to detecting irregularities. It not only covers how to overcome fraud, but also covers a snapshot of pipeline of activities for an organisation. 

Fraud Programs are an essential part for a company’s sustainability – we go a step beyond and cover:
Why fraud occurs
Faces of fraud
Other growth draggers
How to identify fraud
Who is usually involved
What to watch out for
Step by step process
System based approach
Advancing to the next level
Step by step guide
4 types of monitoring for Directors and Executives

Advantages and benefits:

Strong focused culture
Aligned and sound systems
Detect signals with ease
Sharpen competence
Leverage time
Optimise resources


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