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The Ultimate Solution for Boards and Management Excellence globally exclusively for Private Companies, Limited Companies, Family Owned businesses, Sole Proprietors and Partnerships would immensely benefit from this world class 7 in one package which, we believe is the world's most affordable world class director, management and personal excellence services for companies globally.

This Rentadirector game changing service is a cutting edge unique membership portal for companies who wish to make an impact, drive accelerated growth and have stronger earnings and cash flows.

Common struggles include:

·       Unable to scale

·       Weak cash flows and profits

·       Lack of strong controls

·       Lack of accountability

·       Doubt and fear about future outcomes

·       Lack of team play and departmental contribution

·       Immense pressure and stress to achieve numbers

·       Unable to achieve international standards

·       Unable to attract funding and investors

·       Weak link between board and management

·       and many more.

We have now got the perfect solution at the most affordable price for a world class director and management leadership pipeline. This service can be used by any company globally.

The membership site has step by step cutting edge leadership training programs which include:

Progression to Excellence -  Become a world class entrepreneur, director, executive and manager. Over 23 videos covering Corporate Vision, the power of having a corporate purpose, aligning values, triggers for a world class leader, contingency planning, succession planning, finance for directors and executives, overcoming cyber crime, internal controls, board mix, personal excellence, corporate social responsibility, ethics, How to handle an unwanted director, avoiding micromanaging and much much more. This is a complete end to end training for directors and management. 

Finance for Directors and Executives - This program covers how to read financials with ease, how to identify the right financial signals for decision making, budgets, questions that directors must ask, ratios, cash flows and much much more. This is all aimed at board and executive level.

Achieving Boardroom Excellence - A complete program on how to become a highly effective board. It covers all the core topics and walks through progressive tips and director questions. The manual has case studies as well.

Business Fraud - This is a full training program on how to avoid fraud including prevention mechanisms. It has 10 sessions and covers advanced techniques which you can apply to combat fraud. It further extends to how you can have a value pipeline and walks through systems both for the service industry as well as manufacturing sector.

Power of integration, 55 winning sales ideas plus a complete suite of ebooks which can be downloaded. These include governance grids and workbooks (you can select from small, medium, large or the Non Profit).

PLUS: you get the following:

We will be having a monthly live stream inner circle webinars which aims to hold you accountability for stretch goals which we will set together. We will also have a Questions and Actions session. This is not only a director , management and personal excellence immersion training but also having a value driven accountable partner.

3 Highly immersive and powerful value driven monthly new videos for board level, management level as well as personal excellence. The key areas we cover will include, how to increase profits and cash flows, cost efficiency mechanisms, how to increase productivity, how to identify growth driven patterns, managing time and leveraging on key areas to maximise resource utility, how to build an extremely powerful self identity which lives the core values and serves with respect and recognition.

This portal is as good as having a world class director and corporate coach with you - who will take ownership but without any shares or long term contracts. This is by far the most flexible approach you will get to grow your company. 

Normal price: $5000 per month (which is value for money) but for a limited period - ONLY $397 Monthly.  Our purpose is to help as many organisations as we can at an affordable cost.

Take advantage of this limited offer and make an impact, have the influence and position your team and company for becoming world class achieving standards of excellence.




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