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Directors & Executive Package

An Executive Manual and Workbook for Directors and Executives

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Executive Business Coaching Questions

Strategy, Finance, Operations, Sales, Marketing and Leadership

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Governance Excellence Package

A complete pack of Governance Manual, Workbook, Grid and Powerpoint

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Business Excellence Blueprint Program

5 Week Powerful Program resulting in sharpening leadership and financial skills have a clear business and personal road map, Increase efficiencies and productivity, sales and marketing mastery.

Comes with a full workbook, over 150 questions and work templates.

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Finance For Directors & Executives

You and Your Executive Team must have financial literacy. The effectiveness of your decisions includes financial implications. 

This 5-week program will help you convert complex financials into simple executive information.

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Progression to Excellence 

Our flagship 6-week program which will help you become a World-Class Leader, Entrepreneur, Director, Executive and Manager.

With over 22 sessions, it covers all aspects leading to the highest standards of excellence.

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Achieving Boardroom Excellence

A World-Class online program for Entrepreneurs, Family Business Owners, Coaches, Consultants, Directors, Executives and Professionals will find this program exceptionally valuable.

Not only does it cover all the Key Elements of Board Structure, but it also gives 7 steps for ensuring that your board is a Governing Board.

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Ultimate Governance Mastery

Get the entire Governance Suite which includes the Governance Edge Videos, Core Accountability, Governance Manual, Workbooks, Power-points and Grids.

We also included the Director and Executive Package to make it a highly affordable and effective value pack.

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Business Fraud 

Knowing the Unknown - Did you know that fraud costs businesses on average 7.5% of expenditure according to CROWE LLP?

This 5-week program will give you all the tools and techniques to help you identify, cure and prevent fraud. It also includes system pipelines.

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Power of Integration

One of the most powerful systems-based program focusing on core accountability.

This is a video-based program and clearly segregates the Governance from Management functions.

We have also included the director and executive package with this program.

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Governance Edge

Good Governance leads to growth, sustainability, and positioning your company. This cutting-edge program will give you all the powerful value insights to take your directors and executives to the next level.


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