Transforming Leaders into 

High-Performing Directors

Revolutionary Solutions for Directors and CEOs to Navigate Disruption,

Achieve Peak Performance, and Ensure Boardroom Success 

Start-ups, Family Businesses, Private Companies and Large Entreprises

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Who Is This For? 

Unleash Your Boardroom Potential

Our cutting edge programs and services focus on ambitious Owners, CEOs, Directors and those aspiring to be directors driving family businesses and private companies (including startups) to transform decision-makers at any level into high-impact performers.



Our Master Course on Becoming a High Performing Director in 90 days

has been awarded a Greenlight Status Award from the UK Trade and Investment

Boost board efficiency by 25-75%

We combine coaching, training, mentoring, and behavior-shifting techniques for lasting change.

Master critical skills

Get certified in just 90 days with our cost-effective, self-paced program.Elevate your directorial skills with our complimentary high-performance training, usually £3000.

Unlock your full potential

 Experience one-on-one coaching, mentoring, and accountability for lasting impact, helping you achieve excellence.


 Board Accountability Partner

 Become a High Performing Director in 90 Days

Director Excellence Accountability Partner

3 Ways to help you make an Impact and Elevate Your Influence as a High Performing Director


Award Winning Master Courses


Years of experience


Leadership and Board Effectiveness Initiatives


Core Skills and Competencies

What our Clients Say

The Progression to Excellence Session was simply excellent. I envisage growth of between 20-50% after this seminar.

Julian - Manager

Excellent and very insightful giving 10 out of 10. Would love to have a more detailed longer presentation.

Faith - HR Executive

The Futuristic Thinker Session was uplifting, inspiring and introspective. 10 out of 10 feeling empowered and motivated.

Gichuhi - Executive

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