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Book a FREE Director Excellence Impact Session

Book a FREE Director Excellence Impact Session

What our Clients Say

The Progression to Excellence Session was simply excellent. I envisage growth of between 20-50% after this seminar.

Julian - Manager

Excellent and very insightful giving 10 out of 10. Would love to have a more detailed longer presentation.

Faith - HR Executive

The Futuristic Thinker Session was uplifting, inspiring and introspective. 10 out of 10 feeling empowered and motivated.

Gichuhi Executive


Vijay Mistri

CEO and Founder

  Financials to Boardroom Architect

Your Transformation Journey


Imagine a career that starts with financial expertise and evolves into building high-performing boards. That's my story, and I'm here to help you unlock the same potential.


My foundation was rock solid: an MBA in Finance and membership in esteemed bodies like FCCA and FCMA. But I wasn't content with being confined to numbers. I craved diverse experiences, which led me to navigate industries like law, architecture, and manufacturing. This exposure taught me the secrets of success across various domains.

My leadership journey took flight when I became Group Finance and Commercial Director in a media research and training company. That's where I discovered my entrepreneurial spirit, opening an audit practice that saw a remarkable 40x growth in just 2 years.

But there was more to my calling. I yearned to guide others towards excellence. So, I began coaching leaders and board members across all sizes of companies. Yet, I felt an urge to evolve further.

That's where I became a Board Accountability Partner. It's not just coaching, it's a holistic approach that blends mentoring, advising, and behavior-shifting strategies. I help boards and directors achieve peak performance through a unique combination of:

  • Award-winning training programs: Used globally, these programs, including my flagship "High-Performing Director in 90 Days," equip leaders with the tools they need to excel.

  • Policy Governance expertise: As one of only 300 consultants worldwide, I leverage this knowledge to empower CEOs and directors for optimal governance.

  • Unparalleled effectiveness: My service packages deliver tangible results. Boards achieve 25-75% increased effectiveness in 12 months, while directors become high performers in 6-12 months.                                                            

And it's not just about the numbers. I possess a unique ability to detect signals easily through financials and just 7 questions. My workshops are transformative, with participants experiencing productivity increases of 25%-300%.

My mission is simple: to be the catalyst for boardroom excellence. I'm not just an advisor, I'm your partner in achieving extraordinary results. Let's transform your board and empower your directors to reach their full potential.


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