Governance and Leadership Strategies

for Navigating Economic Rapids in East Africa

Join us on Friday, 17th May 2024 for our

Game-Changing Conference

at the Oshwal Auditorum, 

in Nairobi, Kenya 

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Who is this For?

This conference is ideal for anyone committed to navigating the dynamic landscape of East Africa.

We invite CEOs, entrepreneurs, business leaders, aspiring directors, executives, policymakers, government officials, and professionals from all sectors and sizes of businesses.

Additionally, we welcome community leaders, civil society organisations, academics, and anyone passionate about shaping a more resilient and prosperous future for the region.


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Taking Leadership and Governance to the Next Level


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About us


Welcome to the Leadership and Governance Conference in Nairobi, Kenya. Your portal to extraordinary growth and success in global business.

Our mission is to empower business leaders like YOU to achieve new standards of excellence and strengthen your skills, influenced by the immense potential of East Africa to drive accelerated growth.

This comprehensive workshop provides advanced leadership training and lessons in effective governance essential for sustainable business expansion. 

It's a unique opportunity to learn, collaborate, and network with other influential business leaders. Register today and become part of our mission to make an impactful difference in businesses worldwide, with Kenya as the epicenter of this business revolution.


                                 Conference  Agenda

Governance and Leadership Strategies for Navigating Economic Rapids in East Africa

                Friday, 17th May 2024



                       Outline & Schedule

8:00am - 8:20am

Registration & Welcome Coffee


8:20am – 8:40am

Opening Remarks: Embracing Opportunities Amidst Challenges



Speakers: Vijay Mistri, Amarjeet Hans, and Parikshit Trivedi

A brief discussion highlighting the resilience of businesses in East Africa, the importance of adaptive governance and strategic leadership, and the essential trends that boards must embrace to thrive.


8:40am – 9:30am

Keynote - The Leadership Mandate in Times of Economic Flux

- Analysis of the current economic landscape

- The role of leadership in sustaining operations during uncertainties

- Strategies for effective governance during financial upheavals


9:30am – 10:15am

Panel Discussion - Navigating Currency Volatility. A Board-Level Blueprint

Expert Panel: Economists, CFOs, & Financial Strategists

Discussing tools and tactics for boards to manage and hedge against currency risks

Sharing real case studies and success stories


10:15am – 10:30am

Morning Tea and Networking


10:30am – 11:00am

Ensuring Continuity - Mastering Succession Planning

- Crafting a succession plan that assures leadership continuity and organisational resilience

- Identifying and nurturing talent to secure the future of leadership within the organisation

- Incorporating succession planning into the strategic objectives of the board


11:00am – 11:45am

Talk: Harnessing AI for Strategic Decision-Making at the Board Level

- Understanding AI's implications for business strategy and oversight

- Exploring use-cases of AI for predictive analysis, risk assessment, and governance

- Ensuring ethical and responsible AI integration in decision-making processes


11:45am – 12:30pm

Panel Discussion: Weathering Geopolitical Storms - A Leadership Foresight

- Expert Panel: Political Analysts, Business Leaders, and Risk Consultants

- Assessing the impact of geopolitical crises on East African businesses

- Leadership tactics for preparedness and crisis management

12:30pm – 1:30pm

Lunch Break & Networking


1:30pm – 2:15pm

Keynote: Disruption – A New Reality for Business in East Africa

- Examining the nature and pace of market disruptions affecting the region

- Discussing how companies can turn disruption into a strategic advantage

- Leadership roles in building a culture of innovation and agility


2:15pm – 3:00pm

Panel Discussion: ESG in Action – Governance for a Sustainable Future

Expert Panel: ESG Specialists, Corporate Leaders, and Environmental Advocates

- Integrating ESG principles into board-level decisions

- Real-world insights into how governance affects sustainability outcomes


3:00pm – 3:15pm

Afternoon Tea & Networking


3:15pm – 4:00pm

Talk: Economic Resilience – Governing Through the Cost-Climb

- Strategies for controlling rising costs and maintaining profitability

- Role of leadership in driving efficiency and optimal resource allocation

- Board governance's contribution to economic resilience


4:00pm – 4:45pm

Panel Discussion: Crafting the Future – Board Dynamics in a Volatile World

Expert Panel: Corporate Governance Experts, Seasoned Board Members, and Strategy Consultants

- Future-proofing businesses through proactive board governance

- Best practices for board composition, decision-making, and leadership dynamics



4:45pm – 5:00pm

Closing Remarks: Commitment to Action

Summary of the key takeaways from the conference

Call for a commitment to action among the participating leaders

Brief thank you from the hosts and information about post-event resources



Conference Concludes with Networking



Book your Seat before it is too late!

Event Detail


We will be holding this Conference at the Oshwal Centre Auditorium, Nairobi - Kenya

- A venue that offers ample parking space and an excellent environment


This Game Changing Conference will be held on Friday, 17th May 2024


The investment of this once in a lifetime opportunity is only $97

Reserve your spot now, and don't miss this extraordinary opportunity!



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Meet the Organisers


Vijay Mistri


CEO and Founder of Rentadirector


Amarjeet Hans
Business Associate - Rentadirector


Parikshit Trivedi


Business Associate - Rentadirector

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